Tuesday, August 26, 2008

not computer savvy

I'm just not sure what's going on here.  I've actually made some efforts in the last month to experiment with my arch nemesis...PHOTOSHOP.

It has been frustrating and fun and frustrating and cool, but for some reason the amazing colors I'm seeing on PS and then in iPhoto are not translating to the internet or print.

These photos are the perfect example.  In PS and iPhoto they look amazing (if I do say so myself), but as soon as they go onto my blog, my kids look like dead people.  

Any techy peeps out there that can give me some advice?  Are my color settings off?  Do I need a fancy schmancy calibrator?  HELP!  

And as long as I've got these cuties up, I can't pass up the opportunity to jot down a little blip about my favorites these days...


*curls (know they won't last forever)
*he's got a mean fake cry that he can brew up at the drop of a hat
*sharing means...take a lesser toy to friend with desired toy and gently exchange for the one of greater "value"
*gobbles, and I mean gobbles, (like cookie monster gobbles cookies) all his food
*trades binky with sister
*tries to say his own prayers
*has a new-found affection for his blankie


*loves rice cereal
*is soooo ticklish 
*smiles when dad is around
*knows when it's naptime and cries at the first sign of her room
*tipsy sitter-upper
*has the juiciest thighs i've ever squeezed


HeatherM said...

LOVE LOVE jack's hair. It could last, mine & Troy's hair is waving. lucy is so CUTE!!

Amy said...

That's a great chair to take pictures in. They're beautiful...the pictures and the kids!

Jen Giorgis said...

Hey Ali...it could be some settings on photoshop. Feel free to give me a call. Typing would take way too long. 402.612.6601 Don't feel like you have too. I can try to help, but NO promises!

Amy said...

Shoot those kids are dolls! I love the hair bow on her it really brings out her eyes! I'm not techy or smart sorry. And thanks for being the best friend. I love you for being the only one to EVER comment of my blog. Chad says you do it because you feel sorry. But I know better then that. You rock! PS can't wait to taste some of those peaches when we come out next year, or the year after that.

Leanne said...

I might know why your pictures look different on your blog. I was having the same problem... the pics were looking really bad on my blog. When you save your pictures in PS you need to go to EDIT then to Convert to Profile and change the picture to sRGB. That made a difference on my pictures. I posted two different ones on my blog and you can see the difference. (it doesn't matter when you print but when you post on the internet it does matter).... well, you may have already know all this and I have wasted my time typing on your blog... but cute pics... check out my latest cute pics of my boys on my blog...

Aimee Molloy said...

we named our little girl Lucy as well...Well at least one of our new daughters... Sunny is our other twin daughter.I am blog hoping from the Roney's blog....I hope you are great!!