Thursday, May 29, 2008

Throw it out THURSDAY!

and that's exactly what I'm doing!
I'm throwing out this "throw it out Thursday"!
Does that make sense?

Here's why.

We are having our cabinets painted white (gasp) ...and also some of our walls and unfinished our house looks something like this right now:
(I would show you a real picture of the chaos, but I can't find the right cord to transfer pics from my camera to computer. As it is, I had to crawl through plastic caves to uncover my computer.)

Because of the toxic fumes, I was informed this morning that my 2 young children and I had to be out of the house ALL day. HOMELESS! Thank goodness for friends who let me come and hang out with them. And thanks to Jaydon and Joel for having a birthday so that we could pass time at a party! ( pictures)

Speaking of birthdays...this may be late, but I want to wish my twin brothers a

I always did want a sister
so thanks for always trying
your best to please me.

You guys are the bust...i mean BEST!

Love you Toogie and Boogie
(sorry are only x'ed temporarily)


summer said...

I hate construction in homes... it is hard to live through but well worth it! You must show us the final result.

Jen Giorgis said...

Okay.....I may a bit slow here, are you saying that you're no longer doing throw it out Thursday??? I'm going to be so sad. You really inspired me to get so much done in my own house. :( Feel free to start it up again anytime. Good luck with all the painting stuff. We need our painters to come and fix some major things and I am absolutely dreading it!

Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

I'm jealous of your white cabinets to be and now I'm going to bed. Happy birthday Talon and Brady.

kelly southwell said...

I was wondering what hall way that was in your house...good thing I kept reading, it was getting annoying not knowing where that was!

so glad you got to be S.W. for a couple of days!