Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Throw it out THURSDAY!

It's a beautiful thing. I have managed to combine two things:

blogging (which I love) + organizing (which I don't love) to form the perfect equation that = maximum productivity. Brilliant, I tell ya.

Her closet...BEFORE

Her closet...AFTER

His closet...BEFORE

His closet...AFTER

If you'll of us has WAY more clothes than the other. And there's a good possibility that SAME person occupies one dresser singlehandedly. Sheesh.

My project for next week: Kiddies Closets

Here are the BEFORES


merideth said...

my favorite things are before and after pics....way to go ali! my house right now consists of piles...garage sale pile, good will pile, need to pack pile...oh yeah and the dreaded laundry pile. it is a disaster!

Oler Family said...

I feel like I just watched clean sweep! Good job Ali! It looks amazing! I've been so excited to see these pictures! I can't wait to see next weeks!

Melissa Ellen said...


You did a great job - can't wait to see next week's accomplishment - you are a genius.

I saw you in the mirror of that one pic - CUTE!

Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

very very very impressive Ali. Now I want you to come to MO for two things....organizing and picture taking. You're amazing!