Thursday, April 3, 2008

i can't resist two things...

Chocolate chip cookies


This KID shoving them down the trap.

p.s. why doesn't my blog let me change fonts and font sizes? anybody?


Berta said...

Hey Ali-babe -
Are you trying to change them in your 'posting' window or in 'layout'? For me, in the past, it's been just a matter of time (a little glitch) that you have to let clear up (by itself) BUT, I would try changing the font in the 'layout' tab if you want it to be a permanent change! Does that make sense.

You can try: go into your html tab on your post, highlight everything, press delete, save - then go back in and enter your info again and then try and change the size of your font and see what happens. There is something in the code that could be getting things messed up too?

Love the pics of the kids - sounds like you're getting on top of things. Your cookies look delish - I too LOVE chocolate cookies right from the oven! yummmmmmm. Have a great day.
Love, Auntie Berta

Amy said...

phenomenal picture. love his eye color. i just made cookies too. they turned out flat & crispy what went wrong, oh cookie guru! chad says the mistake went down in the mixing process. its really hit or miss with my baking.

ali degraff said...

amy, amy...tragedy indeed. here is how I like the Original Nestle Toll House recipe:

Instead of 3/4 c. brown and white sugar, change it to 1/2 cup white and 1 cup brown.

Keep all else the same, but when you add the flour, add a little bit more. I think the measurement is 2 1/4 cups. I think I add ALMOST 2 1/2?

Let me know how it goes. I could eat 15 batches of this version...and I do.

BERTA - thanks for the tips. I shall give it a whirl.

Jen Giorgis said...

I can usually just change the font and color right on the page where you upload the pics and type. Just highlite what you want changed and there should be a box on the upper left that has a tT Click on it and choose the size that you want. I'd assume that sine you have blogspot that should work??? Good luck!

tara said...

mine wont let me change fonts.

blogger is possessed. thats my theory.

Ryan Southwell said...

Ali, the font thing and colors is a Safari thing. For now, blog using Firefox. That fixed a lot of our problems.