Thursday, March 27, 2008

sugar overload

We took jack to our community easter festival where he got to play in the bounce house, hunt for eggs and decorate his own cupcake.

The cupcake decorating and the egg hunting were foreign concepts for jack. He did not understand the purpose of either event UNTIL he discovered that both involved CANDY...candy that he could munch on til his heart's content!

He kept grabbing the jelly beans in fistfuls and stuffing them in before dad made him adorn his cupcake. If he understood the cupcake was edible too, I'm sure he would have been loading it up with candy.

He didn't do much hunting in the easter egg hunt. Each time he saw an egg, he'd bend down, open it up, and shove the candy in - wrapper and all! He really needs to work on his strategy. I was trying to coach him to hunt and hoard now, then reep the benefits of a basketful of eggs later.

After the Easter festival, we decided to go to Sea World for a few hours. One admission ticket buys you a season pass, so we figured we ought to do it now while jack is still free. We had a great day. I thought Jack would be giddy with amazement over the variety of animals, but he was surprisingly apethetic.

While at the dolphin show, we had the pleasure of meeting this blogworthy "piece of work".

GET THIS: Here we of four trying to find seats at the dolphin show. We had already been given the run-around by sea world staffers as to where we go with a stroller. Finally after being denied access, we grab the baby carrier, Jack, and the cameras and head up to the tippy-top of the stadium. Troy scans the audience looking for some spaces and kindly asks the aforementioned woman and her boyfriend if they were saving the empty spots between them. With a roll of the eyes, she shakes her head no and scoots over a WHOPPING 8 inches. So I proceed to sit down and KINDLY ask again if they could scoot down a little more for my other butt cheek....not to mention Troy's. (I didn't say that part...was thinking it, though) Her response to me....big sigh, then "No, I can't scoot down."

Me: "Oh, why not?"
Her: ( In a snotty, princess tone).."I don't want to be squished"
Me: (now irritated and this lady for real?) I respond, "I'm sorry honey, but you're at an amusement park! I hate to break it to ya."
Then Troy chimes in from the aisle where he's still standing with baby carrier and Jack.
Troy: Lady, the only thing I'm sorry about is your personality.


She then scoots down another few inches and what do I do? I scoot right up next to her leg. snug as a bug. oh...she was not happy. Even after all of that, we were still sitting with both kids on our laps when there was still room to spare! I have to admit...I felt a bit gratified after getting a photo of this woman for blogging documentation.

Sunday, Troy (or should I say Emeril?) whipped up his own homemade concoction for BBQ sauce that was absolutely out of this world. I kid you not, folks, when I say that it was the best I'd ever tasted! He also whipped up a green and potato salad. As you can see, I wasn't the only one anxious to get my hands on it.

For the first time I let Jack help me make some cookies. Here is how it all went down.

He's a picker like his momma!

Let's just say, if I show up at your house with a plate of homemade goodies, you may want to think twice about indulging.

....and....This is what happens when you turn your head for two seconds.


Lindi said...

Her face says it all!! B-R-A-T!! So funny. Love your kids pictures. Even with Jack's cute hands, face, and whatever else there might be, I would LOVE a plate of goodies from your house!!

Dad said...

Wow babe, I can't believe you got such a good picture of the Sea World tramp (Ali ran down the ramp to get the shot and was snapping pictures, like a wild paparazzi, right in the girls face). I was waiting for a cat fight but all we ended up with was a good chuckle at the absurdity of the old hag.
It was a great weekend with you, Bubby, and Lucy.

summer said...

I am DYING over that RUDE lady with the big nose! SO glad you got that picture... it painted a better picture of the whole conversation and her leg that you rubbed up against. Why are people so grumpy and mad at the world? It really irritates me when people act obnoxious!!! Two more things... LOVE Jack's shirt )Jack's surfboards) and don't you want to barf thinking about more easter sweets? And don't ever go to Sprinkles. They put something in their SUPER fattening cupcakes that make you think about them all the time!

kelly southwell said...

your weekend looks like it was so fun! great picture of the grump. I was wondering how you got that! so close! hee hee.

jack looks so cute in those easter pics. He's loving those treats!

Heather Menlove said...

I am impressed you guys stood up to that lady I would be too affraid she'd peck me to death. Sound like a super great Easter Jackis cute as ever. love ya heath

California Roney's said...

How adorable. Looks like you are back in the swing of things! Jack is adorable!!! What a cutie. I am sure you were so excited when he was in his pj's in the tub. Love in when that happens.

Carl said...

HAHAHAHAHHAAAAHHAHAHAHAAA! That story was so freaking funny. Almost as funny as the Peck me to death comment. But I don't know if the story or the fact you wrote BURN! made me laugh harder. aaaaahhh hahahahhaa BURN! Peck me to death hilarious.

I hate sea world, but you guys make me laugh.

Anson & Michelle said...

I love it, "why not?" you rock and thanks for the photo so much more funny now!! Isn't that what it's all about, when life throws you lemons make lemonade?!

Amy said...

Great photos. The story of Sea World Snobbery is a classic one. I tried to retell Chad after you told me but I couldn't do it justice. I love the tub pic. Can't turn your back for a second! We also need Troys secret recipe if he can remember it!

Amy said...

Jack slobber or not cookies are sounding pretty good right about now!

Oler Family said...

I love Troy's comment to that Lady and the fact that you sat squished up to her! Seriously, why are people so rude? Cute pictures from Easter! I love that Jack was eating the wrappers, couldn't get them in fast enough!!...sounds like he's his momma's boy in more than one way!

Jana said...

I could not feel more gratified hearing that story. The fact that you scooted right up next to her and then took a picture of her and blogged about it, it makes me feel that much better about every confrontation I've ever had with a biznatch like that!

Amy said...

Sounds like an interesting weekend. I'm surprised you still sat by that stupid lady. Did she know you were taking her picture, or did you do the sneaky thing that you are pretending to look at your camera but you're actually taking a picture of the unaware?

The Steenhoek Clan said...

Good for you for putting that obviously childless woman in her place. You should of had HER hold Jack, just for laughs!! I'm glad you guys held your ground with her!! You go girl.

Emily P. said...

Ali if I haven't said it lately I LOVE reading your blog. I laughed so hard reading about the Sea World lady. Those are things I always want to say like people like that and never do--you are AWESOME. And Troy's dinner looked fab!

Anonymous said...
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Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

HOW did you get her picture??? and WHERE did Troy find the guts to make such a wonderful comment? Was her boyfriend a wimp?

Did Jack get salmonella poisoning from the raw eggs in the cookie dough? I want some too!

Jack giving himself a bath just proves he is a resourceful child.