Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Santa's Storybook Trainride to the North Pole

My parents bought us tickets to board the Christmas River Run train with Santa. What a treat. We sang, ate delicious gingerbread cookies, sipped hot cocoa, watched Santa and his elves, and listened to Christmas stories.

So what that Santa was a little drunk, and the river might have been dried up, and the hot cocoa may have been only luke warm. Jack still had a joyous time snuggled in his PJ's and looking out the window next to Grandma and Grandpa! Thank you for the fun Christmas memory.

Waiting to board the train

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa...this is the BEST!

More sober than Santa...best entertainer of the night

Sing-a-long...some people got into it more than others. Nice vibrato, honey!

The unfriendly Santa still managed to charm Jack.

Kisses for Mom

Jack...I said don't feed the animals.

one of Santa's reindeer? Looking for a new job in the classifieds.


Heather Menlove said...

Glad to see your blogging again. I've missed your stories & great pictures. Hope you had a fun visit with your fam! The ride sounds so fun, Jack has gotten so big and looks more like Troy.

merideth said...

is that sun and dry land i see in your pics? wow must be nice...and no jackets!! it is inconceivable.

and only 66 days left of prego #2. that is coming up super quick now.

Wilson said...

That looks like so much fun! Excpet for maybe the Drunk Santa. But at least it humored Jack

Heidi said...

what a fun adventure. Jack looks so cute in his pj's.

Troy--I could feel your vibrato from here.

sheena said...

Drunk Santa's are never appropriate, although they are usually quite entertaining.

So happy you're back to blogging!

Amy said...

I knew there had to be a train ride in there some where. At least it wasn't from Chicago to Sacramento. Your parents crack me up. Looks like so much fun.

Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

SO FUN! We were at the grocery store with a drunkard. He stunk super bad, but he was making very wise and healthy shopping choices. Seriously!

Joe and Amy said...

We'll have to try that train next year. Was he really drunk?

rockkinrobbins said...

What a fun time you must of had. I have never heard of that, but my boys would love the train.