Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Worthless Cause?

Finding out that we are having a girl has brought out some hidden crafty bug that has been dormant inside me for some time now.

I have been looking at all the cute crafts on and trying to find something easy enough for my abilities (that means REALLY easy). I found these cute hair barrettes (do people still call them barrettes?) and decided that my sorry butt craft skills could maybe achieve the assembly of a simple barrette.

Then the thought occurred to me:

"Hey self, Jack is 14 months old and still has only a light dusting of peach fuzz for hair."

So I tested one of the barrettes in his hair to see if it could grasp on to 4 strands and stay longer than a minute. Denied. It slipped right out.

THEN, I found this old picture of me. I must be at least 3, maybe 4. My mom promises that she only trimmed up side straglers of hair and did not give me this butch haircut. Really folks, that is all the hair I had.

(DISCLAIMER: Please don't call CPS. We lived on a farm, 20 miles from the nearest town, and appearances clearly weren't a priority. We really were cared for. Oh, and my brother doesn't really have a googly/lazy eye. Must have had a run-in with the chickens)

Then I cried. Because, am I going to have to resort to one of those ghastly headbands as pictured previously on this blog?

So, this is where you all come in. I know they sell headbands that are cute. Perhaps some of you "crafties" have even made your own. Could you give me some advice because clearly, the cute barrettes I have made by hand are not going to work!

In the meantime, I will continue making barrettes with the hope of a hairy child.

Also on my crafty list:

1. This blanket that I started before we knew Jack was a boy. I concocted this ruffle design and don't know how to get the last part done.

2. A carseat cover, with help from my friend Abi.

3. Possibly some girly bedding. I am sure after several failed attempts, I will have to resort to something from Pottery Barn.


merideth said...

ok so as for me i never quite get around to putting much in my girls hair especially when they were if i did put a headband in wade would pull it off. anyway my sister allsion and my sister in law sarah both make everything you see in their pics of their babies. you need to ask them, i am sure they can help you get a load of headbands ready for your baby girl.

The Steenhoek Clan said...

With a girl in my little family now, I guess I need to start thinking about this stuff too. I have little crafting ability as well. Your clips look darling. If you end up with a bald child, you can always sell the clips to me. Eden has plenty of hair. Let me know if you are let in on any headwear secrets.

Chad said...

Those clips are really darling!!! It would cost over 60 bucks to buy all of them in a boutique. Maybe that could be another side job for you.

As far as the headbands go I heard that some people make them out of a cut up pair of nylons. who'd a thunk!

Chad said...

That last comment was really from Amy I know very little about hair accessories believe it or not.

Oler Family said...

I feel your pain. Olivia was bald until she was 2. That picture of you was hilarious!!! I've made those clips they are super easy. I'll send you some of my creations...when she's 3!!

Jay Sessions said...

My dear bald daughter

I hate to break it to you as a former O.C. resident....but that picture was taken in Mission Viejo...just before we got kicked out of the Home Owner's Association for having a girl who had the hair of a boy. We then hid out in Alturas for 5 years until your hair developed.

tara said...

love the clips, I need some, except for my children suffer from the same thing we did as kids. NO HAIR.
And yes, Pioneer Womans MM read has been SO Fun. She finally updated today!

Amy said...

I know how it can be to get a crafty bug. When I was pregnant with Sebastian, I decided to make his bedding. Afterwards, I wished that I bought it instead, and it didn't even turn out to be much cheaper anyway. Good luck with your projects!

Amanda Jane said...

The clips are darling. My best advice (after birthing 3 lovely daughters who NEVER wore a headband) is that at Cookie Cutters hair cuts for kids they sell a head band that has an interchangable spot for a bow or CLIP, so you can use those darling clips your crafting. and P.S. love the blanket too.

Desta said...

I have the same problem with Zoe. She has very fine hair, creating the illusion that she has next to no hair. Did you use regular barrettes or alligator clips? I've wrapped alligator clips in ribbon for a similar effect and they seem to stay in Zoe's hair, now that she's over a year (when she doesn't pull them out).
Unfortunately the headband road didn't work for us because Zoe's head is SO small. She gets it from her dad. even now, I have to buy her size 6 month hats and then they are still a bit big. She is usually in the 2nd percentile for head size! Yikes.

Jana said...

What you do is... make smaller versions of the adorable bows and don't attach them to a barrette. Instead you just glue them to your baby's bald head with ky jelly. I know this because Carmen's hair all fell out when she was a few weeks old.
The ky works great because it dries so the baby can't really pull it off very easily. Then when you want to take it off you just wet it with a little water and it slides right off.

sheena said...

Ok so no one answered if they're still called barrettes. Lucy is 4 months old and I still have no idea what to call those "thingies"

I was so excited for every thing that would clip into her lucious locks....and then she came out BALD. There are cuter (smaller headbands), which I have come to like, and I have a friend who uses washable gluestick to stick bows to her babies head.....still haven't tried that one.

Please pass on any girl info that you figure out becuase we're still working on it....

And thank you for the picture of you two. It made me smile!!

allison said...

hey ali...
i just posted on my company's blog how i make my headbands. they are so easy!
let me know if you need help with that ruffle.

Joe and Amy said...

Hey Ali,
This is Amy Lee. (You would have known me as Amy Jo Vest though, from Ricks.) I don't know how I found you, but while looking at someone else's blog tonight I wandered away and happened upon your spot! Isn't the world of blogging crazy like that. I am so glad because it's kind of random but I've been thinking about you lately. We moved to the Sacramento area about 7 months ago. My husband went to law school in Spokane, WA and then took a job with a CA healthcare compnay, and now we are here. Anyway, I knew you were from this area, but I couldn't remember exactly where. I thought it was Roseville, but I couldn't remember exactly...but everytime we are in Roseville I think of you. Anyway, it was fun to discover you and your cute family! Congrats on #2. You are such a doll! Take care! Love, Amy

P.S. Have you kept in contact with Lindi at all. I haven't seen her literally in years. Maybe like 7???? Anyway, just wondering if you've kept in touch at all. Talk later!

J & T said...

Don't forget that your unborn daughter's DNA is 50% Troy, so you may have no problem at all with the hair. Keep your fingers crossed!

Adrienne said...

Okay Ali, you are killing me with that photo! i laughed out loud. and you are deceiving, young lady! Perhaps you better stop writing things like "sorry butt craft skills" with barrettes like those made, that darling blanket, Jack's monkey cake and decor from his party! Those barrettes are so cute....but sadly, might not be used for quite some time!
Kate came out looking like a sasquatch, she had so much hair. My mom went out and bought bows in every color, and within hours of birth, she was wearing a bow proudly. The nurses tried to get me to cover her head with her little hat so she wouldn't lose heat, but body temperature be damned, she looked so cute! Adn at 9 lbs. 5 oz, with a head full of black hair and the hugest cheeks, she needed that touch of femininity!! ha ha!
Yeah, i have heard that those headbands are made out of children's tights....Kate wore headbands all the time! I loved them....I made some with my mom from soft, stretchy lace that you can buy at a craft store. Then we just tied bow into ribbons and hot glued them on. they were pretty cute for being so inexpensive.
Oh the joys of having a little girl!!!

summer said...

Email me and I have some headband peeps to put you in contact with...! They are a must around here. I have had people ask me how old my "little guy" is all too many times!!! I too- was blad until the age of 3! That picture of you as a baby resembles some of mine! Your entires make me laugh every time! Keep them up!!!

summer said...

Oops- I meant entries!!!

Hull Family said...

Ali, so fun to get a comment from you. First off, I turn to ebay for all my bow needs. They have crafty ladies that make bows of all sizes... and headbands too. With two girls, I have gotten totally out of control and now have a closet of bows. Second, I clicked on a few of your friends that had commented and I swear everyone looks so familiar. Did we all go to Ricks at the same time? I was there '96-'98. Is that when you were there?

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness! I had the same issue - lack of hair. Those barettes are super cute, but maybe you could make them into headbands or something. I also love the bedding idea.

I grew up on a farm too - and you should see some of the childhood pics. You guys look red carpet compared to my sisters and I. The pics are so cute! You don't look butch at all!

Oh - and I have a new blog - I deleted my old ones in case you were wondering :)