Wednesday, September 19, 2007

what do 72-hour kits have to do with dieting?

They are both easy to put off until another day!

I've often wondered what kind of dramatic event it would take for me to commit myself to a lifestyle of healthy eating. One where I never deviate from brown rice, wheat bread, lean proteins, veggies and fruit, antioxidants and vigorous daily exercise.

Will I be 250 pounds with 50% body fat before turn down the artichoke dip at BJ's?

Will I be playing with Jack at the park and have to sit down after 3 pushes on the swing because I had one-too-many Wendy's frosties?

Would I refrain from chocolate chip cookies if my doctor came to me and said I have two weeks to live because my cholesterol is sky-high?

Who knows? Procrastination seems to be my middle name.

BUT just this once in my life, I have been inspired to take action on something I've been putting off for a LONG time. Thanks to a few earthquakes, and some motivated friends, I decided to get together a basic 72-hour kit for our family before the big disaster strikes and my warnings are over.

So heck, I may be portly when the big quake hits, but I will not be unprepared! And judging from the tuna salad and fruit cups in our kits, we may even shed a few pounds in 72-hours time!


Melissa said...

Good job! I know how you feel about the diet/72 hour kit thing...but you don't need to diet. I sure as heck did. I hope there is no reason for you to need the 72 hour kits, but I'm glad you are prepared. I'm sure it makes you feel much better about the "just in case".

Adrienne said...

Oh kill me, you really do. I'm proud of you for getting your stuff together. Every now and again I have this feeling of panic wash over me, like what if this happened--would I be prepared? Would Ezra have diapers? What would we eat? But then....the thought passes, and I settle on the couch to watch Oprah, all preparedness soon forgotten. So good for you for getting it done!

Amy said...

I'm proud of you getting me in gear too Ali! I feel proud of us that we now have 72 hour kits so that when the big one hits, we're totally ready! :)

Marie - Mother of The Bird Nest said...

Yeah Ali! It's done. Whew! Cross one more item off your list. It's still on my list, somewhere.

ali degraff said...

oh amy...we all know the truth about who got who in gear! wasn't me...

jayniemoon said...

Oh Al,
It is so good to see you are the same girl I fell in love with at the big UV. The day I find your blog filled with the whole wheat things you're baking your family, I'm giving you a call!

Good work on the 72 hr. kit. Glad to see you have a few cookies in there too!