Thursday, July 5, 2007

4 Little Monkeys

Jack has four friends from church all within a month of his age, so we decided to have a monkey birthday party for all of them. They had a blast with each other, and us moms had fun preparing for it. Here are some of the decorations (that didn't blow away)

Then there was the highlight of the night...cake eating! It was so fun to see how all the boys reacted. Jack did just about what I thought he would do! Here is my cheesy poem:

4 Little Monkeys ready to eat some cake.

The first one says, "Rubbed frosting in my eyes & made a mistake"

3 Little Monkeys ready to eat some cake.
The second one says, "You scared me with your cameras, for Pete's Sake!"

2 Little Monkeys ready to eat some cake.
The third one says, "Just you and me Jack...use your fingers like a rake!"

1 Little Monkey ready to eat some cake.
He says, "I think I'll stay here til I get a tummy ache!"

What a spectacular day! I can't believe this little guy is almost a year old! Being a parent is the BEST!


Rob*Sheena*Jonah*Lucy said...

What a fun party! Looking at all the boys with frosting on their faces (poor little guy with it everywhere!) really makes me want some chocolate cake.....or a nice mud facial--I can't decide.

Heather said...

Very clever! Love the pictures. Wish we could have been there. By the way, you look really good in the picture with you and Jack.

Sebs Mom said...

Love your poem! You got some really cute shots. I can't wait to share all of our pictures together!

Heidi said...

cute cute cute. we had such a great time, I still am recovering!

amy cannon said...

Loved the poem. Poor little guy with the cake in his eye. Very clever!

ashleyboice said...

Man that party looked like it was straight out of a magazine. Wow. I could never be that cute. I wish. Did you guys decorate the cakes yourselves??? WOW.

Marie said...

Ali I love your blog...blasted thing..I've spent hours on the computer now doing nothing but be entertained by other people's lives. I feel like a stalker. Congrats on your 1/2 marathon. I am stuck at 3 or 4 miles every other day. I do have to deal with the Missouri humidity though. I best be off to bed. It's after midnight but I love spying on everyone. Does this mean I'm going to be blocked from viewing people's blogs? Can you do that? Love ya!

Adrienne said...

Ali, you are too cute. Love the photos, love the party decor, and love that little Jack was such a champ at consuming so much cake!!

now I will have a complex when i do some low-budge number for Ezra's birthday. I'm going to make him a deal--if he sleeps thru the night by his first birthday, I will throw him a celebration like no one has ever seen!! love your blog!

Berta said...

Does "Martha" live here? Pretty amazing - who did this crazy cake decorating. Man, our kids were darn luck to get sheet cake . . .frosted! Those are some 'sweet' pictures - what great memories you're creating. Those kids look like their brother and sisters! Adorable - good work cutie!

4 girls and a guy said...

Absolutly amazing! Your blog is so fun to watch. Thank you for the camera suggestion. Keep the inspiration comming!
Amanda Shirley

Heather said...

Alright Ali, you are putting us all to shame. How can you have so many creative genes when you came out of the same gene pool as Uncle Jay. Hee, Hee, J.K. Looks like a total blast. You are my new hero! Good things don't get this good even on Martha.
Wuv, Cuz

Whitney Amelia said...

man oh man...what a fun mom! It looks to me you are the homemaker in the neighborhood that everyone is jelous of. Good work lady!
I really need a camera like yours....are you sure you didnt just cut these photos out of martha?